Thursday, April 9, 2009

One week post-surgery

It's been one week already. Feeling pretty good, usually. The incisions are still a bit sore, but I'm able to get up and around much better than I was a week ago. I get this weird "stitch in my side" feeling whenever I drink something. It's rather uncomfortable. Very sloshy. Hard to describe other than that. I've got a call into the Dr so he can explain it to me. I've also got something like a heat rash on my arms & legs. Very itchy. Have had that for several days. Going to ask the Dr about that as well. Other than is good.

I've lost 19.5 lbs (15 of that was pre-surgery). I haven't really noticed it in my clothing yet, well, except for my tops. I was hoping I wouldn't lose it up there, but I guess that's where it came from because my tops practically look like huge potato sacks on me now! *lol* I need to start doing a bit of walking soon. I think I'll start that next week when I go back to work. This week of rest/recuperation has been just what I needed.

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