Friday, July 25, 2008

The Last Lecture

Several months ago, I stumbled across Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" on YouTube.

If you haven't seen it, google it up and watch it. That lecture is the single most inspirational thing I've seen in a very long time. Since that time, I've been reading/watching his blog for updates on his journey with pancreatic cancer. I prayed that somehow, he'd be one of the very few who would beat the odds. Unfortunately, he wasn't. He died yesterday from complications due to the cancer. I knew how amazed he was at the overwhelming response to his lecture. I knew he did it for his kids. But I hope he knew how much he impacted lives other than his family by that lecture. How he impacted mine! If only we all lived our lives like that! What a world this would be!

"We don't beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully." Randy Pausch