Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Love Affair with Food

I didn't realize how much I love food, until I couldn't eat it.

I've been on this liquid, high protein diet for 3 weeks now (3 more weeks to go) and I miss food. I miss the texture. I miss chewing. I miss flavors. I miss savory flavors especially, which surprises me because I've always been drawn to sweet rather than savory. The smell of cooking food overwhelms, and I usually have to go into another room while Bernie & Megan are eating.

Another interesting side effect of this surgery is that I've discovered drinking cold liquids make my tummy sore. I've been complaining about feeling like I have a "stitch in my side" for a week now. Someone suggested that I try sipping warm liquids. Guess what? That feeling has diminished! Warm hi-pro soup & hi-pro hot chocolate are my mainstays. Yogurt (I think because it's creamy) works too. I'm going to put the cold hi-pro drinks on hold for a week or so and see if that feeling goes away with time.

I didn't realize how much our lives revolve around food. It's on TV. It's in every newspaper or magazine I pick up. It's in the movies. It's around the corner. It seems to follow me wherever I go. I've never been interested in the Food Channel before, but I find myself drawn to it now. Watching them prepare food. I've never enjoyed cooking before, but now, watching the food channel I think, "I can do that, I just need the right ingredients and a sharp knife." Me. With a sharp knife. Scarey.

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rachel whetzel said...

LOVE that you are keeping us up on all things to do with your journey!! Hang in there!! On the bright side... your house isn't made of gingerbread. hee hee