Monday, April 16, 2007

What Joanne needs...

Ok...this was a challenge from Scrapbook Chalet (one of my favorite scrapbook sites). It's a little Google game. Go to google and type in 'Your name' needs - and see what pops up. Here are a few that popped up for me. I put my comments in parentheses.

Joanne needs intellectual stimulation and companionship (had to laugh at this one)
Joanne needs to be very careful not to interrupt, ignore, or judge Paul when Paul is speaking. (Who's Paul??!)
Joanne needs space (YUP!)
Joanne needs some adult company (maybe I've been hanging out with Girl Scouts & the Youth group too much! *LOL*)
Joanne needs to make a difference (yeah, sometimes I feel like that)
Joanne needs to reassess situation (which one?)
Joanne needs more character development. She is gorgeous and has been in the background far too long. (OH that one!)