Thursday, April 23, 2009

Licking the hamburger

Last night Megan cooked hamburgers for dinner. They smelled so good. My tummy grumbled just from smelling them. I asked her for a LICK of her hamburger. Not even a bite or a nibble. Nothing to chew on. I just wanted to TASTE it. She wouldn't let me. Darn kid. What good are kids anyway if they're not going to let you lick their hamburger. I even kissed Bernie, just for the taste of hamburger on his lips. Pitiful, isn't it? I'm so SICK of this liquid diet. I want food. I have one more week to go, and on Thursday next week, I'm having scrambled eggs, dammit. I'm looking forward to my scrambled eggs. With cheese. And a tiny bit of salsa. Oh yeah. Yum!

oh...the good news? I've lost 28 pounds! YAY! ok. I guess I can keep on with this liquid diet for awhile. *sigh*


Christine said...

hang in there! i'm proud of ya and love that you got extra kisses from your hubby. this will all be something from your past one day.

latte_grande said...

Man, I know! My kids are the same way, don't they realize how hard it was to bring them into this world? Ingrates. Lol
You can DO this!! Just think, one more week of a liquid diet is all that's standing in the way of a healthier, happier YOU?? No problem, you've got that week in the BAG.

rachel whetzel said...

WAY TO GO GIRL!! I'm so happy for you!! Too bad about the burger... I totally would have let you lick. And we're not even RELATED!! lol