Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

My baby is 16 today! Hardly seems possible that that many years have gone by already. She's such a beautiful girl, with a great head on her shoulders. Yes, she's goofy as all get out, and irresponsible at times...but that's just the normal part of being a teen! She is growing into such an outstanding young woman and I am so proud of her!

Getting Cory Home

The worst winter storm in 40 years - that's what the weather experts are calling it. We've been trying to get Cory home since December 21st and have had no luck so far. His flight was supposed to leave on that Sunday from Pullman, fly to Lewiston, then on to Seattle to make connections to Portland, then Eugene. If it wasn't for the weather, he'dve made it. But weather was conspiring against us and his flight was cancelled.

He was told if he could get to Lewiston, he'd be able to catch the flight there (they couldn't land in Pullman - too much snow), and then continue on with is flight. Poor kid...didn't know a soul at the airport, only had $8 in his pockets, with no way to Lewiston (45 minutes away on a good day). Luckily, God was watching out for him because he connected with another student who had to do the same thing. She had a car! So they drove to Lewiston, met the plane there, had their bags loaded and were just waiting to get on the plane...when that leg was cancelled. Total chaos ensued. There were going to be no more flights in or out of Pullman or Lewiston until after Christmas!

He finally arranged a flight out of Seattle on December 25th. And thankfully, the girl he caught a ride with to Lewiston, also got a flight on the 25th, so they can travel together. She (her name is Danielle) drove Cory back to his dorm, and there he's been waiting. I'm so thankful he's somewhere safe (and not stranded at an airport). But I hate the fact that he's ALONE in his dorm. There is not another soul around. He's bored out of his mind and tired of eating ramen noodles! Poor guy!

He & Danielle are supposed to travel to Seattle tomorrow (Weds) where he'll spend the night with his roommate and then hopefully fly out on Christmas afternoon. There's another storm brewing that is supposed to hit tomorrow...so we're praying that it misses the northwest altogether and that Cory can get home. If he can get to Seattle, and the flight is cancelled from there, we'll drive up to get him. I just want him home for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008