Friday, January 4, 2008

Scholarship Anxiety

This is the season for scholarship applications...a time we go into hyperdrive looking for and applying for college scholarships. Let me tell's NUTS! And a bit aggravating.

Cory's had this one particular scholarship in his hands since November. If selected, he could win $60,000 ($15,000/year for 4 years). Then there are incremental awards down to $1000/year for 4 years. ANY of those would be a HUGE help to us! So what's he been doing with this application since NOVEMBER? Not a thing. Ok, he's dinked around a little bit on the essay, but has he collected all the necessary attachements? Copies of awards. Letters of recommendation. Transcripts. Nope. When is it due? NEXT WEEK!


I've been trying real hard to let him make his own decisions, his own choices, not to nag him about stuff...but DANGIT...this should've been his first priority. $60,000 is nothing to sneeze at. And yet, he's been ho-hum about it all.

I told him this morning that as of now...THIS was his first priority. There was nothing else more important that finishing up all the scholarship applications he's applying for (because most of them are due mid-January!).

SO THERE! Mom steps in once again to make his life miserable. But how else is that kid going to get through college? He is BRILLIANT, but doesn't have a lick of common sense!

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