Thursday, January 10, 2008

14,000 miles

I'm determined to walk more this year, and hopefully in the process do two things: lose weight and make my knee feel better! It still hurts as much as it did 2 years after the 1st surgery!!

So, I bought myself a pedometer, and I joined this awesome group of ladies who are tracking the miles they walk, bike, run, etc. We're trying to "walk" to Iraq & back because one of the ladies in the group has a husband who's going over there for a year. It was her idea and we've just all joined her in her efforts to get there! Check out our blog 14,000 miles. That's where we're going to keep track of our progress. Or you can click on that little blinkie below on my side-bar.

I'll be trying to post here from time to time about my progress. My personal goal is to "walk" to Washington DC because Megan & I are going there over spring break this year! I hope to "be there" by the end of this year. I estimate it's about 3000 miles.

I need please, cheer me on by leaving me a note!!


Christine said...

I think you can meet your goal! I am from just south of DC so have fun this spring break! awesome!

Rachel Whetzel said...

GO Momma GO!! We can DO IT!!

dori said...

i'm with you! we can do it!!!

Brook said...

You can do it! I know you can! We can cheer for each other!