Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Poor Neglected Blog

I really need to do better about posting here because I do have a few loyal "fans" that check in. *waving at my mom & dad*

The best update in the last month & a half is that Cory has been accepted to college! We got his first acceptance letter a couple of weeks ago! SO EXCITED. His response (typical teenage boy response) was "Yeah mom, I'm excited. But I expected it." While I was trying to hold back the tears. I know deep down he's just as excited as we are! Now comes the hard part. Figuring out how to pay for it all. He's going out of state, and we were lucky enough to get a $7500/year grant from the school based on his academics! Now we just have to figure out how to get grants, scholarships & loans for the rest of it.

Wrestling season started about a month ago. Cory has finally come into his own. We were beginning to see signs of it at the end of last season, but wow...he's really doing well! He's confident, strong and knows what he's doing. His first tournament, he got 5th place, then 3rd place and last weekend he got 2nd place! He didn't wrestle well today (didn't place at all). He was upset, but I think he understands that he just has to chalk this one up to experience and the fact that you can't win them all.

I know I talk alot about Cory, and you know that he's not an only child. Megan's doing spectacularly as well. She's just not involved in as many activities as Cory is. She's more of a stay at home & chat with your friends kind of girl. She did perform a featured solo in the winter jazz band concert and did a fabulous job! I was so impressed. She plays the piano beautifully. I just wish she would practice more. She'd rather play SIMS or talk to her friends more!

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