Thursday, January 17, 2008

Into the Space Age

This two cow town has moved into the space age!!

Yes, we finally have high speed internet!

And for those who don't remember what dial-up was like, let me tell you that I feel like I'm cruising down the open road at 120 mph!

Not only do we now have high speed, but I can actually be on the internet and on the phone at the same time! We could only do that before if we had two separate phone lines. We also have TV service with a kajillion channels! Most of which we'll probably never watch, but it's fun to go through them! We only had 20 channels or so before, so this is lots of fun!

Zoom zoom ZOOM!


Rachel Whetzel said...

SPEEEDY! That's what I'm gonna call you now!

vannasmom said...

that is great you have high speed! You will love it , I so rember when I was slow too and hated it and then I got high speed and Feel like I have control over my own computer!!

Leah said...

That is SO exciting!!! I remember the first time we switched too.. guess we were lucky to have it come to the area so many years ago. have fun Speedy!

Leah said...

yeah! woohoo!

mommamikki said...

Sounds like you're you going into the never ending black hole to me! WOW! You get'em tiger! ha ha Or should I say POOH! ;-)

Robin (Tqmnurse) said... glad that you have high speed internet and phone services!! now where is my phone call? LOL....
need to change your name from mama in pjamas to mama in speedos! LOL