Monday, February 18, 2008

Sadie & Heartworms

I took Sadie in to the vet for her 2nd heartworm treatment today. Her first treatment was 6 weeks ago, and we've had to keep her confined for 6 weeks because as the little heartworms die, if the dog is active they can lodge in the heart & cause a heart attack.'s been a tough 6 weeks on her and us.

Today, before he started the 2nd treatment, I asked him to run the heartworm test again just to be sure she still had them. The original test showed that she had a "low load", so I was hoping the first treatment would've killed everything.
Good news! Her test came back NEGATIVE!! NO HEARTWORMS! I'm so happy!! We don't have to go through anymore treatments. Just have to test her once/year and keep her on the heartworm medication!

And the best part?! Now she can PLAY again! She's such a ball dog and was miserable without them. First thing I did when we got home was to give her a ball!

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