Monday, February 11, 2008

End of an era

This weekend was another milepost for us. And for Cory. He competed in his last wrestling tournament. His last High School sport.

Overall, I think he did pretty well in the district meet. He placed 4th. Not bad, but it wasn't where he was hoping to end up. He was hoping to get 3rd so he could compete at the State tournament. I'm not sure if this was a major factor, but he did pull a muscle or tendon or something in his shoulder during his last match. I could tell he was in pain. He did his best though and worked through it, but I could tell he was very disappointed when he lost.

For us it means, wow...a change in lifestyle. Really. We've followed that kid around with all his sports since 6th grade! It already feels weird knowing that we won't be sport groupies anymore. Kind of sad. He's decided not to run track this spring, in lieu of getting a job. That will be good for him. It'll help him earn some money for college & maybe help with getting a car.

In the meantime...I seem to be getting closer & closer to that "empty nest." Yes, Megan will still be here for 3 glorious more years, but it will feel very weird not having Cory here too! And then, in the blink of an eye, Megan will be off to college...and then what?


mommamikki said...

Empty Nest...I like the sound of that...but very far far away for me! Hee hee...It's hard going through life changes...but you seem to be handling it well!

rmeyfe said...

Maybe it is the fact that mine are still really little but the empty nest sounds good to me too!! Just remember with things that change bring new things too!! HUGS!!

Diana said...

Sounds like you'll have some time free up with the end of sports...I can see mixed feelings in it all though!