Friday, February 15, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package

We decided we'd do our part to help stimulate the local economy with our kickback check that we're supposed to be getting from the government (someday). SO...we went out & bought this!

We got the couch & loveseat. It's a beautiful suede-y material!

And we got these: a coffee table, cocktail table (for behind the couch) and an end table. All the tables have slate tops. Gorgeous!

And we got this pub table with 2 chairs to sit by our picture window that overlooks the valley!

The furniture will arrive next week. Who knows when the kickback check will arrive!


Diana said...

Awesome furniture!!!!! The couches look comfy!

mommamikki said...

Oh these are sooo nice...your gonna love that high table and chair set...we have one and it's definetly the favorite in our house!

rmeyfe said...

Very nice!!!