Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Malt Vinegar

Living in a small town is challenging at times, and down right frustrating at others. A friend of mine was telling me this story today about malt vinegar. She used to live here in town 6 months out of the year and then on an island in the British Virgin Isles called Anegada (see the small island on the map that's outlined by a box? That's Anegada). About 2 months before she was to leave for Anegada, she went to the local grocery store and tried to order 10 cases of 1 gallon jugs of malt vinegar that she would take with her. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Apparently, it was going to take 7 weeks to get her order in. She was flabbergasted! In Anegada, it takes 2 weeks at the most to get anything. The store's reasoning? "Because we live in the boonies." *insert rolling eyes here* I suppose Anegada isn't in the boonies, but Coos County, Oregon, IS!

This of course lead to a conversation about how we can't get high speed internet here for the same reason. And how high the gas prices are for the same reason. And it seems to us that someone is feeding us a line of balonie because if Anegada can get gas for the same price we can, and has high speed internet and can get stuff shipped there in two'd think this little corner of Oregon could get it as well! Maybe Anegada is a three-cow town and that makes all the difference!


Diana said...

Yea I've learned that coastal Oregon towns have a harder time getting stuff and it's more expensive!

Becky said...

7 weeks....geesh

Rachel said...

Wow! I lived out in the "boonies" near Portland and still managed to get DSL (and could have gotten Comcast cable modem if I had wanted). Come on folks, it's not like you're in Alaska!