Monday, September 24, 2007

Ganglion what?

My left thumb is numb. Not all the time. Just occasionally. Sometimes my left index & middle finger are numb. Weird, I thought, but not earth shattering. Maybe it was just the way I was resting my hand, or maybe I've been playing with my son's DS game too much. Until last week when I noticed I have a BuMp on my wrist...right at the base of my thumb...where your wrist bends. Hmmm...that's odd. It hurts when you press it. Ok...obviously the key is not to press it. SO I go to the Dr today and he says without much preamble...."It's a ganglion cyst." It happens when you age.


Gray hair, sore joints, perimenopause & weight gain aren't enough signs of aging? Now I've got to have a ganglion cyst? He said, "In the OLD days, when the cyst got big enough, people would just slam a a heavy Bible onto the cyst to make it ~PoP~". YUK! I don't think so. He said he could "drain it" if it got much bigger. Ewww.

Short of those two remedies...I'm now stuck with a bump on my wrist. He was a bit concerned about the numbness...apparently that is not a characteristic of this type of has me going to see an orthopedic surgeon just in case I've got carpal tunnel syndrome.

I hate getting older! *sigh*


Rachel said...

I have a friend with one of those. At least you can pop a ganglion cyst...but yes, if I was your doctor I'd be worried about the numbness as a sign of something else.

Kim J. in Kingston said...

Yup - they called them Bible bumps. I had one a couple years ago - they are sore - but they do go away.