Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Conversations with a teenage boy

This is a typical conversation with my son after he gets home from school. (He's 17)

Me: Hi son, how was your day?

Him: Fine.

Me: What'd you do today at school?

Him: Nuthin'

Me: How's Calculus coming along? Do you like the new teacher?

Him: unh (imagine this as a gutteral grunt)

Me: How was football practice?

Him: unh

Me: What did you get to do at your work experience place today?

Him: nuthin'

Me: oh. Good day, then?

Him: yeah, fine.

*end of conversation*


Brook said...

I have this conversation with three of them every day!

Kim J. in Kingston said...

That sounds just like the conversations I have with my son who will be 17 on Wednesday.