Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's arrived!

Megan made this sign. Isn't it beautiful? We didn't notice that something was missing from it until the morning we left to pick Milca up from the airport! I guess even though we can speak English, we certainly can't write English! Whoops! Milca also has a blog, where she posted the same picture. One of her Brazilian friends caught the spelling error! We all had a good laugh about it!

Milca arrived on August 21st from Brazil.

We were surprised to find that she speaks very little English! Our first night at home was very interesting. Milca is an exchange student with Rotary International, and Rotary has a list of "first night" questions that we are supposed to discuss the first night she's here. How do you explain curfew or how to turn the shower on or when to go to bed at night & wake up in the morning to someone that speaks little English? We managed, but it took us awhile. Every day, she does a little better, but I'm worried about what classes she will take in school.

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jeffgnome said...

That must be so hard! Can you guys speak any Spanish? Just stumbled on your blog with the 'Next blog' function - it would be great if Mikes mum did a similar thing! The comment about the shooping aisle signs was amusing - its the little things that matter when you live in such a small town!

I'm a city boy, but I lived in a tiny little town in Australia for a while - so strange!