Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another visitor

Milca registered for school today. I think she'll do ok with her classes. She's got a good variety of subjects and nothing that she won't be able to do with a little help. She should have a fun year! We went to the beach this afternoon. This was the first time Milca had been to the Pacific Ocean.
The girls took a walk down the beach while I stayed near the jetty and hunted agates. I was having no luck finding agates until they came back, and then I found alot! Both Milca & Megan found several within the first few minutes! The first rock Milca picked up was an agate twice as big as my thumbnail! I was very impressed!

Milca is going white water rafting this weekend with all the Rotary exchange students in Oregon. Lucky girl! Tonight we had Andrea from Switzerland spend the night with us. She's staying with a family in Coos Bay and they asked if she could stay here in order to carpool to their event this weekend. They're going to have a lot of fun. Wish I could go!

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