Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots of news

I had my first fill on 5/11 (6 weeks post-op) and let me tell you I was ready. Seemed like I was always hungry before that fill. Now I'm back to "normal" new normal, that is. I'm still losing weight...1-2 lbs/week. Very happy about that! My port site is a bit tender. I can feel it under my skin, and the area around it just feels kind of bruised.

I had a bit of a scare the other night. I mindlessly (and really, it was the first time I mindlessly ate anything since surgery) picked up a piece of roast off the cutting board and ate it. Obviously I didn't chew it well enough because within a matter of minutes I was in PAIN. hurt. I thought I was going to either hyperventilate or die. I couldn't sit, couldn't walk. Was trying to figure out what to do when I finally figured I was going to have to throw it up or pass out. I went into the bathroom and was able to put my finger down my throat enough to cause a gag reflex and that seemed to solve the problem. Didn't throw up, thankfully. I will NEVER eat mindlessly again!

The good news is that yesterday I went through my closet. I put all the clothes that were TOO BIG for me now in a box and I'm going to donate those to our local weight loss support group. Then I dragged out the two boxes of clothes I'd had packed away for 10+ years and tried all of those on. Most of them fit! I was SO happy. It's like having a new wardrobe without having to buy anything!

I'm SO happy I had this surgery. My husband asked me the other day "Why didn't we do this 10 years ago?" I wish I had. But now is good too!

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