Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is what the fuss is about...

So, I signed up. And within 20 minutes of signing up, I found my best friend from High School. I've been looking for her for almost 15 years. We lost contact about that long ago, and every so often, I'd try to find her through various internet searches - with no luck.

The funny thing is, she had signed up for Facebook the day before I did. On a whim. Just like I did. On a whim. How funny is that?!

I was so excited when I found her, I cried. We talked on the phone and have emailed several times, and maybe this summer we'll get to meet up with each other. She's trying to convince me to attend our 30 yr HS reunion. I'm not so sure about that, but maybe we'll be able to get together some other time!

As for Facebook...yeah...I'm hooked. So many fun games to play like Mob Wars, Dragon Wars & Mousehunt. It's stupid, I know...but sometimes you just need to spend some stupid time on the computer! Now if I could just break away long enough to work on some scrapbooking....

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